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Exely Suite for Empowering Your Hotel Business

Exely is the ultimate set of hotel sales and management solutions accompanied by exceptional customer care. We created Suite to help hoteliers achieve high margins and manage their properties with ease.

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Direct Sales

Boost revenue with Booking Engine. Choose Hotel Website Development for a high-converting site or Hotel Website Builder to create it yourself!

Easy Distribution

Maximize occupancy with Channel Manager. Ensure seamless syncing across platforms, saving staff time. Say goodbye to overbooking and errors.

Brand Management

Boost online presence with Reputation Manager. Use Price Monitor to track competitors' rates and Price Assist for dynamic pricing control.

Automated Operations

Streamline tasks with Exely PMS. Manage bookings and housekeeping across devices. Generate performance reports and simplify guest check-ins.

Single Dashboard of Hotel Solutions Designed for Success

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Elevate Your Hotel Sales with Exely Solutions

  • Booking Engine + Loyalty Program Logo.

    Booking Engine + Loyalty Program

    Booking System Integrated in the Hotel Website for Seamless Reservations

  • Property Management System Logo.

    Property Management System

    Streamlined Hotel Operations from Any Device

  • Channel Manager Logo.

    Channel Manager

    Your Central Hub for Multi-Channel Distribution

  • Reputation Manager Logo.

    Reputation Manager

    Effortless Monitoring of Your Hotel’s Guest Reviews

  • Hotel Website Builder Logo.

    Hotel Website Builder

    Hotel Website with No Coding Needed

  • Hotel Website Development Logo.

    Hotel Website Development

    Swift Website Launch with Template-Based Development

  • Price Assist Logo.

    Price Assist

    Daily Rate Suggestions for Demand-Driven Pricing

  • Price Monitor Logo.

    Price Monitor

    Competitor Rates for Intelligent Pricing Strategies

Reliable Partner

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    Free start

    It costs nothing to get started with Exely and receive initial training on the settings. You start paying as soon as you start earning.

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    Flexible contract

    You won't face any fees or penalties for ending your agreement with us. Feel free to cancel whenever you like.

  • Booking Engine Logo.

    Focus on success

    We actively enhance your hotel's sales performance. Our teams consistently track your analytics and recommend strategies to boost your metrics.

Professional Assistance for the Top Performance

Our proactive managers accompany your business on its way to success by analyzing your sales performance and working out strategies with a personalized touch.

  • Connect you to distribution channels that work best for your property Logo.

    Connect you to distribution channels that work best for your property

  • Choose the best possible price rates based on data Logo.

    Choose the best possible price rates based on data

  • Turn your hotel website into a high-converting booking platform Logo.

    Turn your hotel website into a high-converting booking platform

  • Study your competitors and the hotel market in your area Logo.

    Study your competitors and the hotel market in your area

  • Assess your hotel’s online reputation Logo.

    Assess your hotel’s online reputation

  • Keep track of your sales performance Logo.

    Keep track of your sales performance

  • Implement your hotel’s Loyalty Program Logo.

    Implement your hotel’s Loyalty Program

  • Analyze your hotel’s online presence Logo.

    Analyze your hotel’s online presence

Testimonials from Hoteliers Like You

  • From Metrostar Hotel

    Photo of Metrostar Hotel


    “Our main goal was to generate more revenue through our website. We took a proactive approach and collaborated with Exely, implementing various strategies, such as a loyalty program. The outcome has been outstanding — bookings and revenue have risen significantly. Our monthly bookings have surged from under 20 to over 30, with Exely contributing 40% of our business, while other channels make up the remaining 60%.”
    Vasanth Kumar

    Front Office Manager,
    Metrostar Hotel, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

  • From Chenang Inn

    Photo of Chenang Inn


    “Since implementing Exely our online bookings have increased by almost 10%. The process is now smooth and easy. Managing pricing is effortless with the single system, saving us time and creating an organized structure. We appreciate your team's reliable and user-friendly solution, as it has positively impacted our daily operations and guest satisfaction. Your commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed.”
    Nurul Adilah Binti Mohamad Adnan

    General Supervisor,
    Chenang Inn, Malaysia, Langkawi

  • From Z Hotel

    Photo of Z Hotel


    “Before using Exely solutions, we got most of the bookings by phone or messages. After installing solutions, bookings from our official website have increased. We discovered Exely from BDM, and were motivated to collaborate with the brand because of your user-friendly interface, price, and company reputation.”

    Z Hotel, Malaysia, Johor Bahru

  • From De Moccis Boutique Hotel

    Photo of De Moccis Boutique Hotel


    “Since we started using your solutions, we have seen a significant improvement in our employee productivity. Our employees are now able to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively, which has led to a 10% increase in productivity. Before using Exely Booking Engine, there were about 0 bookings per month, and now we have about 10; we now get 20% of bookings from the website and 80% of bookings from other channels.”
    Muhammad Syafiq Bin Azhar

    Asst. Hotel Manager,
    De Moccis Boutique Hotel, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

  • From Landcons Hotel

    Photo of Landcons Hotel


    “Since we started working with Exely the workload has really reduced. Exely helped us to focus on our revenue and booking. Solutions really helped us with overbooking. I think after I do some rate plan the booking from website increase day by day.”

    Sale Manager,
    Landcons Hotel, Malaysia, Langkawi

Dedicated Team in Malaysia

Customer Service that Guides You to Success

Customer Success

Our managers are here to guide your business towards success. They dig into the analysis of your sales performance, tailoring personalized strategies to ensure your growth.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on responding to 90% of requests within the first hour. In the case of more complex issues, our tech teams are ready to step in, ensuring a swift resolution to keep your business running smoothly.

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