Level Up Hotel Direct Sales with Strategic Pricing

Achieve high margins with strategic pricing variance

Decoding Guest Choices

Ever wondered why some guests prefer to book through online travel agencies (OTAs) while others opt for direct bookings through your hotel website? Guests compare differences between OTAs and your hotel website, and they are looking at the price tag.

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Prioritize Direct Sales with Strategic Pricing

On average, OTAs charge 20% as a booking commission, while Exely Booking Engine’s commission amounts to only 4%. Let’s calculate how much you lose in potential revenue if you do not offer competitive prices on the hotel website.

Exely Price Assist Revenue. Exely Price Assist Revenue.

Get Pricing Strategy Session from Exely to Make Your Website Offer More Competitive

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Guide to Strategic Pricing Variance

Access actionable tips for mastering pricing between hotel websites and OTAs. Prioritize direct bookings, boost revenue, and stay competitive.

Align Your Website Offer with Other Channels

At Exely, we understand the importance of maintaining strategic pricing consistency while maximizing direct bookings. These are just a few things we provide for you to make the most of direct sales.

Free Booking Disparity Report in Exely Advisor

If at least 3 bookings a week are made at rates lower than the website prices, the booking disparity report is at your disposal in Exely Advisor.

Even room rates on OTAs and the hotel website or offer additional value when guests book directly.

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Consultations by Exely Customer Success

Our dedicated Customer Success team specializes in managing pricing variances for our partner hotels.

Gain valuable insights from Exely's pricing parity experts to maximize your hotel's revenue potential

Announcing Rate Match:

A New Feature for Exely Booking Engine Users

Announcing Rate Match.

With Rate Match, you can ensure price consistency across booking channels. This innovative tool monitors OTA and website rates, automatically aligning them for you. Rate changes are seamlessly synced with Exely Booking Engine and Google Free Booking Links, providing you with greater visibility and control over your pricing strategy.

  • Automatic Rate Alignment
  • Increased Online Visibility
  • Maintaining Control over Pricing
  • Direct Sales Boost
Announcing Rate Match.
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