Hotel Website Development Customized to Your Needs

Have your hotel website created in the shortest time span with template-based development. Launch your website and start earning from direct bookings.

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Exely is Your Expert Partner for High-Converting Hotel Websites

  • Bringing vision to life

    We specialize in fast, template-based website development for hotels, creating unique designs that suit to typical user behavior. Our focus is on making your website stand out and attract potential guests by studying successful hotel websites.

  • Communicating for result

    We assign a personal project manager for each website for clear communication and timely delivery. This collaboration allows us to transform your unique ideas into a product that truly aligns with your vision.

  • Perfecting every step

    Quality is our priority. We thoroughly test your website, ensuring smooth performance and incorporating your feedback for revisions. Our testing covers Booking Engine, cross-browser compatibility, and screen adaptation.

Get More for Less with a Complete Website Development Package

  • Hosting and Domain

    Exely provides a convenient solution for website hosting and domain name registration. Save time by avoiding the need to search for separate providers. 

  • CMS

    We choose and set up your website’s Content Management System and take care of the license key. The CMS system will make it easier to update your website. We make everything work perfectly.

  • SEO optimization

    Raise your website's visibility with our expert SEO optimization. We handle all the technical details, including page indexing settings, to ensure optimal performance and higher search engine rankings.

  • SSL security certificate

    Provide secure and encrypted communication between a web browser and your website. It ensures that the data transmitted between the two remains private and protected from unauthorized access.

Designs Adjusted to Your Needs

We specialize in designing tailored customization templates to suit the type of your hotel, whether it is a country hotel or a chain.

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    For all hotel types

    • 5 premade designs
    • Different language versions 
    • Any page redirects to Booking Engine
  • Country hotels icon.

    For country hotels

    • 2 language versions
    • Separate sections for services and events
    • Directions to the hotel on Google Maps
  • Chain hotels icon.

    For hotel chains

    • A hub page with the company description
    • Brief information about all properties
    • Separate websites for each property

Achieve Direct Sales Success

Exely Booking Engine will be built in your hotel website. In addition to making room sales easier and upselling your services, Exely Booking Engine also ensures customer retention, stimulates bookings, and promotes guest loyalty.


Explore Exely Website Portfolio

Look into the websites developed by Exely for hotels across the globe. Each website has a unique appearance and, more importantly, is highly functional and effective in driving conversions.

Entrust Your Website to Our Maintenance Team

Exely Website Maintenance team will undertake all the tasks related to text replacements and the creation of new features. Rely on us to ensure the stability and security of your website.

  • Popup development
  • Banner design
  • Placing and changing content
  • Adding pages
  • SEO optimization
  • Checking company listings on Google
  • Create website backup copies
  • Add hotel news
  • Prepare title and description
  • Make micro-partitioning of the websitev
  • Pay for the hosting
  • Add a direction to the hotel
  • Setting up sales funnels and Ecommerce
  • Renew SSL Certificate
  • Add a new promotion
  • Update CMS
  • Add virtual tours to hotel rooms
  • Add a block with hotel benefits
  • Create the attractions section
  • Create FAQ section
  • Add additional selling elements
  • Add Exely Reputation Manager widget

and much more!

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Maximize Bookings and Revenue with Tailor-Made Hotel Website Development