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Success Story July 11, 2024

How to Increase Online Bookings by 40%

Discover how a boutique hotel in Vietnam boosted its online bookings by 40% with Exely. The hotel operated without a booking engine on its website. It solely depended on OTAs for handling reservations, lacking the capability for real-time bookings directly on the website. Maison de Camille Boutique Hotel turned to Exely for a user-friendly platform packed with various booking triggers and effortless promotional features.

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Webinar July 9, 2024

Mastering Guest Feedback: Techniques for Hotel Success

Join us to learn how to work with guest reviews and turn it into your hotel's competitive advantage!
We will discuss how to:

  • Use the L.E.A.S.T method for working with guest reviews
  • Respond to praise and get the most benefit from negative reviews
  • Get maximum feedback from guests and teach hotel staff to work with it
  • Increase the visibility of the hotel's website through working with reviews

Follow the link below to save your spot.

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Success Story July 3, 2024

How to Increase Bookings by 25%

Discover how a 4-star apartment hotel in Yerevan boosted its bookings by 25%. The hotel had no official website and relied only on bookings from OTA. The manager devoted a ton of time to monitoring competitors' prices. Exely Solutions helped the hotel transform its workflows and grow bookings.

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Product update July 1, 2024

Exely Product Updates for the Second Quarter of 2024

Updates and New Settings:

  • Rate Match Feature for Price Parity Maintenance: Free of charge for Exely Booking Engine users, it monitors OTA and website rates, automatically aligning the website price to ensure parity across platforms.
New Integrations:
  • Paratika Turkiye & Exely Booking Engine: Hoteliers can now accept payments from multiple banks without the need to make agreements with each bank separately.
  • COMANCHE PMS Thailand & Exely: Bookings and availability sync seamlessly with your hotel’s PMS.
  • OPERA Cloud PMS & Exely: Booking data is smoothly synchronized between your hotel’s PMS and Exely Extranet creating a worry-free experience.
  • Private rates from Booking Engine are now displayed in Google Free Booking Links: Promote your website’s special offers, loyalty discounts, and mobile user promotions.
  • TNG Free Night Vouchers & Exely Loyalty Program. If a guest logging in to your Booking Engine has a TNG voucher in disposal, they can redeem it for a free night in Exely Booking Engine.

Event July 1, 2024

Exely is visiting Travel Meet Asia with a Special Offer!

Come by Booth C18 to try one of the top Exely solutions for free and get a free website audit!
If your hotel has more than 25 rooms, request a solution from our representatives in Indonesia and sign up with our representatives at the event before July 31st to get the offer.

Product update June 29, 2024

Feature: Rate Match Feature for Price Parity Maintenance

This feature, free of charge for Exely Booking Engine users, monitors OTA and website rates, automatically aligning the website price to ensure parity across platforms. The rate changes sync seamlessly with Exely Booking Engine and Google Free Booking Links, giving hotels greater visibility. This innovation is designed to drive direct high-margin bookings and enhance overall revenue.

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Product update June 28, 2024

New Integration: Exely and COMANCHE PMS

Through this integration, bookings and availability sync seamlessly between your hotel’s property management system, Exely Booking Engine, and Channel Manager.

This automated process minimizes manual data entry, ensuring precise and efficient room booking management. Hoteliers can now prioritize delivering exceptional guest experiences rather than being tied down by routine tasks.

Event June 28, 2024

Catch Exely: Event Schedule

Mark your calendars and plan your month ahead! Join us in July at these upcoming events! ⬇

  • Webinar on Guest Review Management by Exely Customer Success (23th July)
  • Travel Meet Asia in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, Jakarta (3th-4th July)
  • Hotel Show Colombo in Colombo, Sri Lanka (26th-28th July)

Product update June 20, 2024

New Integration: Exely and REGOS Uzbekistan

Experience time and cost savings with REGOS virtual cash register! The integration of Exely with REGOS VCR enables your staff to speed up guest check-outs through automated check printing.

As an added benefit, enjoy significant savings on monthly service fees, potentially up to 40,000 UZS! Embrace this collaboration to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Success Story June 18, 2024

How to Increase the Direct Sales Share from 0 to 20%

Discover how a 5-star summer resort in Georgia transformed its direct sales share from 0 to 20% with Exely. Faced with no website bookings, ineffective customer support, and a difficult-to-use booking engine, the hotel needed a comprehensive solution. By integrating the Exely Booking Engine, the hotel created a user-friendly platform with numerous booking motivators and easy-to-create promotions.

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Product update June 17, 2024

New Integration: Exely and Otelz.com

Otelz.com is now available in Exely Channel Manager. By including Online Travel Agencies like Otelz in your distribution network, your hotel can significantly boost online visibility and secure more bookings.

Connecting to OTAs via Exely Channel Manager minimizes the risk of overbooking and errors. Take advantage of this opportunity to integrate Otelz by referring to Exely Knowledge Base or reaching out to your personal support manager for guidance.

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Event June 14, 2024

Find Exely at The Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit for a Special Offer

Exely is visiting the Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit with a Special Offer for hoteliers from the Philippines! Come by Booth 2 to try one of the top Exely solutions for free!
Request a solution from our representatives in the Philippines and sign up before July 31st to get the offer. We will help you find the right solutions for your hotel’s everyday needs.

Success Story June 7, 2024

How to Achieve a 15% Increase in Revenue

Discover how a 4-star international business hotel in Indonesia achieved a 15% increase in revenue through improved direct bookings. Facing challenges like manual reservation management, low website bookings, and an inconvenient channel manager, the hotel turned to Exely Solutions for a comprehensive upgrade.

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Guide June 6, 2024

Essential SEO Guide for Hotel Websites

Discover the secrets to optimizing your hotel website with this structured 9-page step-by-step guide. Learn about the most important SEO settings that can enhance your online visibility and attract more direct bookings. This comprehensive checklist covers the key things you need to know to boost your website’s search engine ranking.

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Guide June 3, 2024

Maximize Revenue Potential with Strategic Pricing Techniques

Discover expert insights and practical tips for mastering the art of pricing differentials between hotel websites and OTAs. Discover practical tips to prioritize direct bookings, enhance revenue, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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Success Story June 3, 2024

MetroStar Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 137 Rooms

Discover how a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia increased bookings by 72% after struggling with low direct sales and no motivation for guests to come back.

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Success Story June 2, 2024

How to Increase Hotel Revenue by 20%

Discover how two high-end resorts in Siem Reap, Cambodia, achieved a 20% increase in revenue through direct bookings. Facing high commission fees and a cumbersome booking engine, these hotels turned to Exely Solutions for a comprehensive overhaul.

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Event May 30, 2024

Catch Exely: Event Schedule

It is high time to plan your month. Here is where you can meet us in June! ⬇

  • ETG Event in Georgia, Batumi (4th June)
  • ETG Event in Georgia, Tbilisi (12th June)
  • Andaman Hotelier in Thailand (15th - 16th June)
  • The Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit 2024 in the Philippines(21st June)

Product update April 25, 2024

New Integration: Exely and OPERA Cloud PMS

This integration automates the syncing of bookings and availability from Exely Booking Engine and Channel Manager with OPERA Cloud PMS. All booking information transfers automatically, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accuracy and efficiency in managing room bookings. Now, hoteliers can focus on providing great guest experiences instead of getting bogged down in monotonous work.

Guide April 18, 2024

Hotel Uzbekistan, 311 Rooms

Learn how a hotel in Tashkent, Uzbekistan increased direct sales share by 20%. The hotel overcame challenges with its website and OTA dependency with the help of Exely.  

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