Price Assist

Price Assist Suggests Best Possible Rates for Your Hotel Rooms

Implement dynamic pricing to make the most of your hotel inventory.

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Never Miss out on Revenue

Dynamic pricing for hotels allows hoteliers to adjust room rates based on various factors such as demand, season, and even events in the area.
This ensures that the hotel can maximize revenue by charging higher prices during peak times and offering discounts to fill rooms during slower periods, ultimately optimizing revenue management strategies.

Exely Price Assist Revenue. Exely Price Assist Revenue.

Hotel Serenity and Hotel Vista are located side by side, offering similar amenities and room types. Hotel Vista implements dynamic pricing, while Hotel Serenity does not.

Empowered by Real-Time Data

Exely Price Assist is a smart solution
that calculates your best possible price by analyzing five criteria.

  • Occupancy Rate
  • Demand Rate
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Public holidays
  • Local events

Boost Profitability, Not Complexity

Exely Price Assist Profitability. Exely Price Assist Profitability.
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    Price Suggestions

    Exely Price Assist analyses your occupancy and changes in demand to set perfect prices at just the right times. The choice is yours: let the solution update prices across platforms, or confirm each suggestion manually.

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    Intuitive Management

    Manage price rates in a calendar view. For each day, find the occupancy rate, the number of new bookings and the suggested price rate. Apply the same rules to all the rooms, or adjust them to different categories.

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    Competitor Rate Tracking

    Exely Price Monitor is included in Price Assist to let you monitor 10 competitors. Track your market position and receive updates of competitors’ price changes for the upcoming 90 days.

Single Eco-System Tailored to Your Needs

Automatic price updates

Price Assist is seamlessly connected to Exely Booking Engine and your online distribution channels through Exely Channel Manager. As soon as you accept the price suggestions, rates will immediately be updated across all online points of sale. Exely Property Management System will make it easier to compare your occupancy and revenue performance year by year.

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Make the Most of Your Inventory with Exely Price Assist