Retain Users on Your Hotel Website with Exely Reputation Manager

Monitor reviews and free up your time. Easily update and add new reviews to your hotel website without a developer.

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Save Money on a Developer and Manage Reviews by Yourself

You will no longer require the assistance of a developer to add new reviews to your hotel website.

With just one click in your user account, you can publish the desired review from the general list. It will immediately appear in the Review Widget on your website.

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Retain Guests on Your Hotel Website with Strong Reviews

  • Average star rating.

    Average star rating

    is calculated from the collected reviews on a ten-point scale.

  • Guest.

    Guest ratings

    show what ratings the hotel has received and their number.

  • Ratings by categories.

    Ratings by categories

    take into account the same criteria that the guest rated on review platforms.

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Maintain Your Hotel's Reputation by Quickly Addressing Negative Reviews

Exely Reputation Manager offers a weekly report with low-rating reviews.
The system proactively sends email notifications of negative reviews and ratings below 4.9.

Boost Success with Time‑Saving Response Management

Exely Reputation Manager gathers reviews daily from the 24 most popular websites.

The system displays reviews from the last three years. You may get redirected to the platform where it was left in order to respond.

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Explore Exely Reputation Manager with a Two-Week Contract-Free Trial

At Exely, we prioritize delivering our users a seamless and worry-free experience.
A two-week demo period allows you to explore our platform without committing to a contract or making any financial investment.