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Create a website without any coding. Save time and money on development.

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Built to Kickstart Your Website in No Time

  • Choose the design

    Choose the design.

    Select one of the template layouts, color palettes, and fonts.

  • Add the content

    Add the content.

    Upload the photos of rooms and public areas. Enter descriptions in th e user-friendly Exely user account.

  • Launch direct sales

    Launch direct sales.

    Start selling rooms and services on the website right away in integrated Exely Booking Engine.

Created Specifically for Hospitality

Our team has studied over 100 functional hotel websites with high conversion rates to apply the most user-friendly site structure and layouts to Exely Hotel Website Builder. The designs perfectly suit any accommodation type: city and country hotels, resorts, and hostels.

Well-Considered to Meet Your Hotel’s Needs

Website made in Hotel Website Builder:

  • Includes a built-in Booking Engine

    Choose the design.
  • Adapts to screen sizes

    Add the content.
  • Has basic SEO settings

    Launch direct sales.
  • Already has a domain name and website hosting

    Launch direct sales.
  • Displays the hotel’s location on Google Maps 

    Launch direct sales.
  • Easily integrates Facebook Messenger 

    Launch direct sales.
  • Analyzes visits and conversions in a built-in analytics tracker

    Launch direct sales.
  • Provides links to your social media profiles

    Launch direct sales.

Meant to Make Content Management Easier

If your website is created in Hotel Website Builder, updating information on your website is as easy as updating your social media profile. Just enter texts, upload photos in the corresponding fields and save changes!

Set up for Successful Direct Sales

Exely Booking Engine will be seamlessly integrated into your hotel website from day one. Apart from just selling rooms and upselling your services, Exely Booking Engine retains users, triggers bookings, and encourages guest loyalty.


Made with Hotel Website Builder

Discover the websites created by Exely partner hoteliers all over the world. They are template-based but look totally different, and, most importantly, they are functional and converting.

Buy two Exely Hotel Website Builders and get a Hub Website for free

Get a Hotel Group Website if You Run a Chain

With Exely, you can create a Hotel Group Website just as easily as a website for independent hotels. Technically, the group website will look like a hub leading to the separate hotel sites made in Exely Hotel Website Builder. We have considered the layout and information blocks you might need — just fill the corresponding fields in your Exely User Account.

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Make It Easy with Exely Hotel Website Builder