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  • Retain every user

    Let travelers book at your property even if there is no room for selected dates by combining several rooms into one reservation. If not, Booking Engine can collect guest requests in an automatic waitlist.

  • Trigger bookings

    Booking Engine has a selection of preset discounts and purchase motivators that encourage potential guests to make faster booking decisions.

  • Run unique pricing strategies

    Adjust your rate plans to the needs of the business with twelve restriction settings. For example, start with a non-refundable rate plan with a minimum length of stay or a “three for the price of two” promotion.

  • Keep guests returning

    Benefit from automated emails to send checked-out guests discount promo codes or start your own marketing campaigns with all the guest details stored in the system.

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with One Booking Engine Solution

Experience the Reservation Process
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Step into the shoes of your potential guests. This is exactly what the booking in Exely Booking Engine will look like for users on your website.

Our Success Stories

  • From Aditya Resort

    Photo of Aditya Resort
    “Our work was not happy with previous services as they were difficult to approach and not prompt in solving issues. There were no suggestions on improving systems, etc. Always got hold of a person in charge to solve the issues. Lack of communication. With Exely everything changed. Price, company reputation, and service were the keys to our choice.”
    Shanika Rajakaruna

    Head of Sales and Marketing,
    Aditya Resort, Galle, Sri Lanka

  • From Wink Hotels

    Photo of Wink Hotels
    Great platform - Ease of use and High Efficiency. It is just amazing. With a short period of time using Exely Booking to replace the legacy one, our revenue increases significantly. Especially, a commission fee and no onboarding fee are completely affordable, and comfortable for Wink Hotels. We are very happy that we have been able to increase our brand website sales, and Exely support team works fast and efficiently. We are very satisfied with everything including how Exely customizes the platform to meet our operational needs.”
    Nguen Duy Trinh

    Head of IT,
    Wink Hotels, Vietnam

  • From Hotel National

    Photo of Hotel National
    “We found out about Exely from other hotels. The reviews and the cost satisfied us. Exely’s service is excellent! The support team is quick to respond and helpful with everything.”
    Lilit Torossian

    Director of Sales and Marketing Department,
    Hotel National, Yerevan, Armenia

  • From J7 Angkor Hotel & Prince Angkor Hotel

    Photo of J7 Angkor Hotel & Prince Angkor Hotel
    “Our revenue increased by 20% after using Exely Booking Engine. The branding of Exely and teamwork made us choose you among others. A commission fee and no onboarding fee are pleasantly affordable. Extranet and destination marketing as well were significant for us.”
    Teng Vannaroath

    General Manager,
    J7 Angkor Hotel & Prince Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • From Sun Spa Resort

    Photo of Sun Spa Resort
    “Price, convenience, and friendliness were important to us. We found all of this in Exely. We use Exely Booking Engine, and we are very happy that we have been able to increase our direct sales from the site. The support team works fast and high quality. We are very satisfied with everything!”
    Phan Hong Ky

    Sale OTA,
    Sun Spa Resort, Quang Binh, Vietnam

  • From Krokus Plaza

    Photo of Krokus Plaza
    “I found out about Exely on my own. After learning about Exely Booking Engine, I became very interested in it. Gradually, we moved on to other Exely products as well. Simplicity, convenience, and accessibility — these characteristics were key for us. Your products are easy to use, no special skills are required. The support team is great.”
    Rovenskaya Anastasia

    General manager,
    Krokus Plaza, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • From The Orchid Retreat

    Photo of The Orchid Retreat
    “I discovered Exely through a WhatsApp group. We use Exely Channel Manager and Website Builder. My workload has decreased. During the tourist season, it used to be chaotic. now I only need to handle guest check-ins and check-outs, as everything else is managed by Exely Channel Manager. I am currently satisfied with my decision to work with Exely.”
    Vikrant Puri

    Owner of the hotel,
    The Orchid Retreat, Agra, India

  • From Sphera by Stellar Hotels

    Photo of Sphera by Stellar Hotels
    “Exely is the best company in the hotel business. We use Exely Channel Manager. Everything is very easy to work with, the interface and functionality are clear. Exely is the number one support solution for me at the moment. Tasks are resolved quickly. The support team even contacts us themselves and suggests new changes and what can be improved.”
    Narek Avanesyan

    General Manager,
    Sphera by Stellar Hotels, Yerevan, Armenia

  • From Hotel City Star, Ritz and Prime Balaji Dx

    Photo of Hotel City Star, Ritz and Prime Balaji Dx
    “We use Exely Booking Engine in all our hotels. We used to have very low direct online bookings. After we started using Exely Booking Engine, bookings increased by 30%. We chose you because we were attracted by the price.”
    Mohd Haaris

    Revenue manager,
    Hotel City Star, Ritz and Prime Balaji Dx, New Delhi, India

  • From Heroes Hotel

    Photo of Heroes Hotel
    “We learned about Exely through research. Exely stands out among others on prices, company reputation and efficiency. Exely has helped us a lot in managing our OTA extranets. The products are efficient and easy to work with. Very friendly support team that always helps to sort out all problems.”

    Executive Assistant to the CEO,
    Heroes Hotel, Manila, Philippines

  • From ALTERUM, Real Estate Asset Management & Advisory Group

    Photo of ALTERUM, Real Estate Asset Management & Advisory Group
    Working with Exely is a good solution at an affordable price. Fast and quality work of the support team, which is very important for us. Using Exely tools, hotels increase their revenue, control their pricing policy according to the season, and increase demand by attracting quality guests.”
    Azer Mirtagavi

    ALTERUM, Real Estate Asset Management & Advisory Group, Baku, Azerbaijan

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