Stay One Step Ahead of Competitors with Exely Price Monitor

Spend just 2 minutes a day studying your competitors’ pricing strategies.

Master Compset Analysis For Better Pricing Strategy

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    Save time on competitor analysis

    Rather than manually browsing competitors' websites and analyzing the data by yourself, you can simply access a visual table that provides a full overview.

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    Map criteria for accurate conclusions

    Customize the charts to your specific preferences. You can apply filters to tailor the results based on the type of accommodation, room categories, meals, and even cancellation conditions.

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    Respond to changes quickly

    Learn how your competitors change their prices based on specific arrival dates. Analyze the price adjustments to current occupancy levels and city events in your hotel’s area.

Attract More Guests by Offering Competitive Prices

To catch the interest of potential guests, offer a better deal than other hotels in your area. Exely Price Monitor helps you develop a winning pricing strategy, by closely watching what prices your competitors are charging.

Adjust prices on the website and other points of sale with the widget to quickly reflect changes in the market.

Use Visual Tables and Customized Filters to Spend Less Time on Competitor Analysis

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Receive Real-Time Updates in a User-Friendly Format

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    Email notifications

    Get immediate updates whenever your competitor opens or closes sales, changes prices, or shifts its market spot.

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    PDF or Excel reports

    Easily export reports on competitor prices in both formats. Choose from daily reports for the past 30 days, weekly reports for the past 60 days, or monthly reports for the past 90 days.

Event Calendar to Help Understand Changes in Demand

With the Exely Price Monitor event calendar, you can easily add events and view graphical representations of your competitors' prices. This allows you to monitor price changes and decide the best pricing strategy for your business.

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Complete Revenue Management Strategy with Dynamic Pricing

Make the most of hotel inventory with Exely Price Assist. The solution analyzes hotel occupancy and demand in the area to suggest the best possible room prices.

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Create a Winning Pricing Strategy with Exely Price Monitor