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How Fly Inn Baku Increased Sales by 30% with Exely

Azerbaijan 207 rooms
Fly Inn

About Fly Inn Baku

Fly Inn is a 4-star hotel with 207 rooms located at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. It offers indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, and a full-service spa. The complex includes 5 conference halls with a capacity of up to 243 square meters.

About Fly Inn Baku


  • Non-functional website 
  • No direct bookings 
  • Manual management of room reservations 

Fly Inn Baku had a website with a request form that didn't allow guests to check availability; they could only submit a request and wait for a response via phone or email. The ineffective online booking system blocked the hotel from running advertisements and attracting traffic to its website. Fly Inn had belonged to a chain, and in 2020 became an independent hotel. Because of that, the hotel had to launch online sales all over again.

After the pandemic, we made a new website with an online booking system, but it was not good enough and functional; no one was booking from the website.

Togrul Khudaverdiyev

General Manager


  • Exely Booking Engine. A user-friendly solution that boosts hotels' direct bookings and revenue by offering smooth integration, real-time availability updates, and tailored upselling options to improve the overall guest booking process.
  • Exely Loyalty Program. The hotel promotes the loyalty program through a Smart Widget set up by Exely Success Team, which is an automated loyalty program embedded in the booking engine. By joining the loyalty program, guests can log in with their phone number or social media account, and the booking engine will display discounts and gifts according to their loyalty level. This solution enhances customer engagement and encourages repeat bookings.
  • Exely Reputation Manager.  It collects reviews daily from the most popular websites, ensuring the hotle stay up-to-date with customer feedback, and pulls guest reviews from questionnaires sent through the Exely automated feedback emails, giving the hotel a comprehensive view of hotel’s reputation. By displaying reviews directly on their site, customers no longer have to search elsewhere for feedback, increasing loyalty and encouraging direct bookings.


  • Online sales have been increased by 30%, showcasing a significant growth in revenue.
  • Within just the first month of using Exely Loyalty Program, the hotel received 40 repeat bookings. Repeat bookings have a lower acquisition cost, meaning that the hotel spends less money on attracting guests.


  • Wrong tick icon. Website where it is impossible to book rooms
  • Wrong tick icon. No website bookings


  • Ok tick icon. Intuitive Exely Booking Engine that encourages guests to book directly from the hotel’s website
  • Ok tick icon. Regular website bookings, including bookings under Exely Loyalty Program

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