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How J7 Angkor Hotel & Prince Angkor Hotel Increased Revenue by 20% with Exely

Cambodia 195 & 90 rooms
J7 Angkor Hotel & Prince Angkor

About J7 Angkor Hotel & Prince Angkor Hotel

J7 Angkor and Prince Angkor are high-end resorts in Cambodia run by the same management company. 

  • Prince Angkor Hotel & Spa offers 195 rooms. The hotel is located in the center of Siem Reap, Cambodia, and is a 15-minute drive away from the world-famous Hindu temple, Angkor Wat. 
  • J7 Angkor Hotel is a 5-star, 90-room hotel. The hotel is located in Siem Reap, right next to the Royal Residence and the Royal Gardens - popular tourist attractions.

About J7 Angkor Hotel & Prince Angkor Hotel


  • High commission fees 
  • Difficult-to-manage booking engine with limited functionality

J7 Angkor Hotel & Prince Angkor Hotel faced high commission fees from booking platforms, impacting their overall profitability and revenue. Hotels had used a booking engine that lacked features, leaving them dissatisfied with its functionality. 
Both hotels expressed a desire for simpler and more cost-effective solutions to enhance their booking processes and increase direct bookings through their websites. 


  • Exely Booking Engine. Its interface allows travelers to see the real-time availability, select accommodations, book extra services, and make a payment - all in a couple of minutes. Angkor Hotels using Exely Booking Engine have effectively boosted their direct bookings and decreased reliance on third-party booking platforms, resulting in reduced commission fees. The promotional tools provided by this solution have proven to be effective for J7 Angkor and Prince Angkor hotels. Through customizable widgets displaying special offers and discounts, hotels have witnessed a rise in direct bookings and improved conversion rates among website visitors. The booking motivators offered by Exely, such as discounts and limited-time offers, have generated a sense of urgency among guests, resulting in increased bookings and revenue for the hotels.

  • Exely Loyalty Program. It drives repeat bookings, offering personalized rewards, exclusive discounts, and targeted incentives to create a memorable guest experience and increase customer retention. We provided hotels with Exely Loyalty Program to increase guest retention rates and boost repeat stays. Angkor Hotels have achieved remarkable growth in guest engagement and loyalty. Exely Loyalty Program offers a range of rewards and discounts based on guests' total nights stayed and money spent, encouraging potential J7 Angkor and Prince Angkor guests to book directly and enjoy exclusive benefits. The solution has a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with hotel websites, making it easy for guests to access their loyalty rewards and fostering long-term relationships with the hotel.

  • Exely Support Team. The dedicated support team at Exely worked closely with J7 Angkor and Prince Angkor hotels to understand their specific needs and requirements, providing personalized assistance and guidance throughout the implementation process. Exely Support Team offered training sessions to both hotels staff, ensuring they were well-equipped to effectively utilize Exely Booking Engine and maximize its benefits.

Our decision to choose your solution was driven by the low commission fee, no onboarding fee, and the desire to increase revenue. Since implementing Exely solutions, our revenue has increased by 20%. We were motivated to collaborate with you due to your teamwork and the reputation of the Exely brand.
Teng Vannaroath

Teng Vannaroath

General Manager


J7 Angkor Hotel & Prince Angkor increased its revenue by 20% from direct sales. The direct sales share is higher than sales through OTAs, allowing hotels to save on commission fees. While OTAs commission is 14-20%, Exely only charges 4%. 

This success was made possible through various opportunities provided by Exely, such as discount promo codes, motivators like ‘Bestseller’ and ‘one room left’, room upgrades, and upselling of extra services. These offers helped attract more direct bookings, leading to a significant boost in revenue for the hotels.


  • Wrong tick icon. 14-20% spent on commissions to OTAs
  • Wrong tick icon. High OTA commissions
  • Wrong tick icon. Challenging management of a booking engine with limited features


  • Ok tick icon. 4% spent on commission to Exely
  • Ok tick icon. Higher net profit with direct sales share of 20%
  • Ok tick icon. User-friendly extranet that makes it easy to set up special offers and discounts

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