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How Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti Increased Direct Sales Share from 0 to 20% with Exely

Georgia 157 rooms
Georgia Palace Hotel & SPA Kobuleti

About Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti

Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti is a 5-star summer resort hotel in Kobuleti with 157 rooms. The hotel offers a range of services, including leisure, fitness, sports activities, and entertainment. It is located just a 10-minute drive away from Kobuleti Train Station and 25 kilometers from Batumi.

About Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti


  • No website bookings
  • Ineffective customer support
  • Not user-friendly booking engine by another provider 

Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti used to use a different booking engine and had almost no website bookings at all. The hotel relied on other points of sale, such as online travel agencies (OTAs). 

The previous user account was not intuitive and the hotel staff could hardly make any settings themselves. The hotel had to wait for its provider to assist which led to delays and frustration. This hindered the hotel’s ability to promote its offers effectively and run campaigns on the website.

We were using a different engine, which was quite difficult to use and work with. Also, if we needed some changes or additions in prices, rooms, etc., we had to wait for weeks for our provider to contact us and help. That made us totally lose hope for boosting our own website through marketing activities.

Elza Jincharadze

Sales Manager


  • Exely Booking Engine. In a short time, we integrated intuitive Booking Engine. Our solution has numerous booking motivators and provides a smooth guest journey from the moment users open the website to their check-in at the hotel. A variety of pre-set rate plans and discounts allows the hotel’s staff to create unique promotions in a couple of clicks. 
  • Exely Support Team. Exely dedicated customer support is easily accessible. We prioritize timely assistance and ensure that Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti’s needs and issues are addressed promptly. This has improved the hotel's experience of working with Exely team. 

The first thing that made us consider the product was easy access to the customer support team. It was our pain when we contacted our previous provider. If we need something, we contact support and every time Exely has any new feature or update, the account manager provides us with the information and helps us implement all these updates.

Elza Jincharadze

Sales Manager


  • Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti has boosted direct sales from their website. The share of bookings made directly through its website grew from 0% to an average of 15%, with a peak of 20% during the high season. This allowed the hotel to save more money in regards to OTA commissions and, as a result, increased hotel net profit.
  • With Exely customer support team, the hotel has experienced a significant improvement in response times and assistance. It no longer faces week-long delays waiting  for provider responses. Exely prompt and efficient support has helped the hotel resolve issues quickly, ensuring smooth operations and guest satisfaction.


  • Wrong tick icon. No direct bookings
  • Wrong tick icon. Lack of effective communication with the previous service provider
  • Wrong tick icon. Inconvenient user account


  • Ok tick icon. The share of direct bookings increased to 15%
  • Ok tick icon. Devoted Customer Support available to handle any problems
  • Ok tick icon. Intuitive user account

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