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How Hotel Uzbekistan Increased Direct Sales Share by 20% with Exely

Uzbekistan 311 rooms
Hotel Uzbekistan

About Hotel Uzbekistan

Hotel Uzbekistan is a 311-room property in the country’s capital, Tashkent city. The hotel is located 10 km from Tashkent Airport. For conferences, presentations and other events, the hotel offers comfortable rooms that can hold from 20 to 700 people.

About Hotel Uzbekistan


  • Brand website without a booking engine
  • Difficulties with content updates 
  • Dependency on OTAs and high commissions
  • Too much time on email reservations 
Hotel Uzbekistan had a brand website but almost did not use it. Hotel staff could not update the website content without involving the IT department, which took too much time. For this reason, photos and price rates on the website had not been updated for years.  
As a result the hotel relied solely on OTAs and bookings made via phone and email. The hotel staff often had to contact guests to request details, which prolonged the booking process and consumed a lot of time.

Guests only visited the site to see room photos. The photos were uploaded back in 2000. The information on the website was outdated as well as the room rates.
Tatiana Shcheglova

Tatiana Shcheglova

Sales and Marketing Specialist


  • Exely Booking Engine. The solution allows for real-time booking, secure payment processing, and easy booking management for both guests and hotel staff. This automated process significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage bookings manually. 
  • Exely Hotel Website Builder. With this solution, hotel staff can independently change the website’s design, upload new photos, and renew text descriptions in a couple of clicks. 

We can solve a lot of issues with one button. The website is also easy to edit and update. There is no need to contact the IT department. You can easily change the design and content. This way, we keep the information up-to-date every day. A lot of direct bookings came in for 2023. Now the average monthly number of direct bookings is 20%. In January 2024 alone, 106 direct bookings came in, which is about 25% of the hotel's total bookings.
Tatiana Shcheglova

Tatiana Shcheglova

Sales and Marketing Specialist


  • 20% of all the online sales by Hotel Uzbekistan come from direct website bookings. This has allowed the hotel to save a lot of money on a commission to OTAs, therefore increasing its net profit.
  • The hotel staff can easily modify the design and content of the website. This flexibility has allowed the hotel to maintain the relevance and accuracy of the information displayed on the website daily. 
  • The hotel has encouraged potential guests to book on the website if they have previously tried to book on a phone or via email. By reminding guests about discounts and special offers on the website, the hotel aims to increase website traffic and direct bookings. Now the hotel has 100+ direct bookings monthly


  • Wrong tick icon. High OTA commissions
  • Wrong tick icon. Website that requires an IT department to update content
  • Wrong tick icon. 14-20% spent on commissions to OTAs


  • Ok tick icon. Lower booking acquisition cost with a direct sales share of 20%
  • Ok tick icon. Intuitive user account that allows hotel staff to update website content by themselves
  • Ok tick icon. 4% spent on commission to Exely

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